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Our Free Mint Sold out!

about coconutZ

Coconutz is more than just another pfp NFT collection. The Coconutz team and community plan to organize community cleanups to get rid of trash and waste on our beaches around the world. With some secondary royalties, Coconutz is pledging to make a donation to an organization of the community’s choice to create awareness for mental health/suicide prevention. 


Coconutz aims to unite friends from far and wide and bridge the gap of web3 & IRL through these community clean ups, donations, hangouts, and parties! After all, that’s what Coconutz is all about! Coconutz is inspired by good vibes, carefree living, enjoying the moment, and a reminder to live life to the fullest!

Note: These are not actual generated trait combinations that are able to be minted.


coconutz roadmap


5,511 Coconutz fall from the family tree, and into the Ethereum blockchain.


Official Coconutz merch! Hats, hoodies, stickers, plushies & more...

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COCO PASS  - FREE mint for all coco holders who minted before our snapshot

Limited supply (500-1000)
Coco Pass gets you exclusive access to our alpha chat, WL access for future projects, and WL for other partnered projects etc 

Charitable Donation

As we start to receive some funds from secondary royalties, we'd like to make a donation to a mental health/ suicide prevention foundation of the community's choice.

beach cleanup

IRL meet-ups to help preserve our beaches, plus hangouts and parties to be announced...

  • What does my Coconutz get me as a holder?
    Coconutz is more than just a pfp. Through the first phase of the roadmap, you’ll have full IP rights to your Coconutz NFT, exclusive merch for holders only, and access to our discord. Early adopters are entered in a vacation giveaway to 1 lucky coco holder.
  • Total collection count?
  • How much is it to mint?
    FREE. Just pay gas fees in ETH
  • Wen mint?
    Minting in May! Degen SZN
  • How many Coconutz can I mint?
    5 max per wallet
  • How can I be considered for CocoList (WL)?
    No WL. Just first come first serve. Free mint.

Team members

Gavin Rogers | Founder
Full-Time Degen With a Background of Years in Sales, Management, and Social Networking. A Founder Who’s Ready To Make a Difference in Web3 and IRL.
fel | lead artist
The One Who Brought Coconutz to Life, Full Time Mum, and Everyone’s Favorite Artist.
THEcryptojesus | lead developer
Full Stack. Lead Developer for Coconutz. Forgiving Sins for 0.001 ETH.
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